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gavioli V2

Stephane Gavioli our expert is happy to give you a free evaluation of your vintage and contemporary watch, pocket watch and Art deco desk Clock.

Stephane Gavioli, after 25 years as a watch runner for many dealers and collectors in Europe and as a watch expert for auctioneer, started to build christophe auction online only . An idea he had in this mind in the last 5 years His nature is a luxury bohemiens specialized in Vintage watches, he knows 20 th Century Jewelery and object de luxe . Christophe auction twenty Century timepieces LTD based in London in the middle of myfair “ Berkeley square London started 9 months ago .

“This is my real work nature because i do not like to be in a shop, a Gallery or a fair, and my style is working and travelling around my connections and meet my clients, give them the opportunity to build together a new bespoke service approach with no risks and a nice possibilities to know new 21 th century new collectors and passionates “ I love my new start up better then before when i was an expert for several auction houses and auctioneer and i think that online auction is the future “ Thank you for visiting Christophe auction online only and do not hesitate to contact me for a meeting by email or by phone , i would like so happy to know and speak about the future or give you a Spontaneous advice about your watch,object, piece of jewelery . Passion and Tecnologie are the best mixt of the 21 Century , sometime more complicated then a simple selling or buying process and required more knowledge and a lot of work, but i love my work and time is now with your watch wear on your wrist!

Submit to us the Photographs front and back and other close-up of the object and provide a background Information such as dimensions, history, and any documentation.
For multiple images, you can send us a .zip file

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